What Will The PushButton SEO WordPress Plugin Do For Me?

“It’s simple. We designed the plugin to help internet marketers of every skill and experience level implement white-hat, content-focused SEO on any site you install it on, no matter what the niche.”

“It takes over a decade of SEO experience and compresses it down into a small but feature-packed plugin that takes a proven, successful ranking strategy and makes it PushButton easy.”

Brian G. Johnson, PushButton SEO

Get Better Rankings, Get More FREE Traffic, Make More Money.

Here’s an overview of our key benefits:

  • Master Your Keywords
    You can research high traffic variant and alternative keywords and phrases directly from your WordPress edit screen so you can easily insert them into Titles, content, links, and more.
  • Create and Curate Quality Content
    Making beautiful and engaging content is simple when you can just click once to insert royalty free photos and videos, and click twice to link out to authority sites, niche blogs and news sites – all customized to match your specified keywords, of course.
  • Analyze Your Effectiveness
    Unlike other plugins that simply check your post content, PushButton SEO analyzes the raw source code of your site just like the search spiders, giving you a TRUE measure of how well your SEO is working for you.
  • Mine Your Stats
    We even capture the keywords people are using to FIND your pages. Use these hidden treasures to further tweak or even create NEW content to get EVEN MORE visitors to your money-making pages and posts.
  • Leverage Your Links
    You can easily create “SEO Targets” that you want to funnel your free search traffic to, and quickly build an organic, internal linking structure that will help you climb the rankings like a ladder.
  • Easily Optimize Everything
    Get simple pass/fail scores for 7 key SEO ranking factors, customized to your keywords and individualized for each and every post and page on your site. Check the score, make the recommended fix, and watch your rankings climb page by page, and your traffic increase visitor by visitor.

Save Time, Save Effort, Save Money

Imagine never needing to have multiple tabs open, going from WordPress, to Google Keyword Tool, to Google Analytics, to YouTube, and back – just to write a single post!

Imagine not needing to buy multiple pieces of software when PushButton SEO does it all…

Now, all the information and assistance you need is just one click away, and available right in your WordPress editing screen! It’s so simple, you don’t even need to know SEO at all to boost your rankings with PushButton SEO.

Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Functionality and Features:

Your traffic depends on having the right KEYWORDS to optimize for. Pick the wrong ones and you could be number one – but get ZERO traffic. But don’t worry – we have keywords covered…

  • Related Keywords
    Even more alternate keywords generated by “Human Powered LSI” – speak the language of your niche AND get search engine benefit using our custom recommendations.

Optimization is something that everyone struggles with, even the experts. Because it can be hard to tell what to do on one page vs. another, and it can be hard to tell when you’ve done ENOUGH.

And now that Google has said they plan to punish OVER-Optimization, you need reliable and proven SEO advice more than ever.

  • Simple Scoring
    When a page on your site is optimized, its ranking meter is green. When the meter is red, you need to give it optimization attention ASAP. It doesn’t get simpler than that, and you can see where to focus at a glance.
  • Drill Down Reporting
    Tell the optimizer what keyword or phrase you’re targeting, and we tell you which of the 7 Ranking Factors you need to tweak: Title, Description, Content, Links, etc.
  • Progress Meter
    As you make the plugin’s recommended fixes, the meter changes from red, to orange, to yellow, to green. Once every meter is green, you know your post is organically optimized (and not overdone) so you can move on to the next post.
  • Site Wide Strategy
    Quickly review the keywords and optimization status of all your posts and pages in the regular WordPress post listing screens and designate your most important content as SEO Targets so you can build tightly related internal linking.

The old saying is “Content is King” – and now more than ever, Google is rewarding sites with rich, quality content… and PUNISHING those that are thin and stale. We give you…

  • Related YouTube Videos
    Instantly pull informative and entertaining videos from the most visited video site on earth. Give your users engaging clips and their visits jump from seconds to minutes – even HOURS spent on your site.
  • Related Flickr Images
    A picture paints a thousand words and now you can search, click and insert images you can legally use on your site, all the formatting and attribution is done for you. Zero hassle, maximum productivity.
  • Related Blog Posts
    Integrate your site into your niche’s online community by linking and quoting from related blogs and blog posts from all across the web.
  • Related News Posts:
    Make your site into an authority in your market by linking and quoting from trending news stories being reported on and shared by your visitors and their friends.
  • Authority Links
    Speaking of authority, Google LOVES when you link keywords to trusted, 3rd party sites like Wikipedia. With PushButton, it’s just one click to give Google what they want.

When it comes to links, almost everyone talks about external links from outside sites. And sure, those boost your rankings like crazy – but DO NOT make the mistake of neglecting your site’s own, INTERNAL linking structure.

  • SEO Targets
    In PushButton SEO, you can designate any page or post on your site as an “SEO Target”, and these are the pages that the plugin will help you drive traffic to.
  • Easy Internal Linking
    Choose a keyword from the plugin, add it into your content, and with one click, you can create a link to any of your SEO Targets.
  • Leverage Your Links
    Over time, as you use your target keywords to link to your target pages, you will begin to see your “SEO Targets” ranking higher and higher, and getting more and more traffic.
  • And as a bonus…
    Any EXTERNAL linking you do will increase this effect as your internal linking structure funnels the “Link Juice” where you’ve told it to.

This Plugin is Powerful, But Easy-To-Use and
Never Overwhelming…

Beginners will LOVE this plugin because there’s no need for a 10 hour video course or 100 page manual to start using it immediately. In minutes, you could be implementing SEO tweaks to your site that an SEO guru would have charged $1000s to point out (and $10,000 to fix!).

Intermediate marketers will LOVE the time saved doing necessary, but tedious tasks. You’ll get addicted to the efficiency of having keywords, linking, and content curation all from a single dashboard.

If you run multiple sites, or plan to build multiple niche websites soon, PushButton SEO is a MUST HAVE plugin for managing your growing internet empire!

“I love this program! It has taken the guesswork out of the equation and allows me to focus on other parts of my business. This plug in is going on all of my sites.”
Terri Cooper RSW NLP-M DCH

Create Content Rich Sites Both Google and
Your Visitors Will Love

In a Post-Panda world, the search engines want one thing from webmasters. Quality user experience. We’ve built this plugin to reflect that because the entire focus is NOT on mechanical, automated SEO – but on making your CONTENT shine, and building your SEO around that.

Google loves it, so you get top rankings. Your visitors love it, so you get floods of free traffic. And you’ll love it because it’s so easy now that ANYONE can do it!

“Hi Brian,

Well what can I say? This is best piece of software I have purchased period. Not only is the software simple in its execution, but the training is second to none.

I have bought software in the past with so called full training included only to go almost comatose listening to them, and at the end think WTF. However your short to the point and easy to follow training is a complete breath of fresh air.”

Ian Jackson, Nottingham, England

Fully Supported and Lifetime Upgrades Included!

This plugin was built for long-term use. We fully stand behind it with dedicated tech support that you can contact online any time with any issues you may have. We’re here to help!

And as time goes on, we may modify or add completely new functionality to PushButton SEO to make it even better! As a registered user, you get all upgrades, including any upgrades needed to keep up with new WordPress versions so you can keep your sites current and secure.

100% Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any trouble with PushButton SEO, our support team is here to help. But if you benefit from all the time, effort, and frustration the plugin saves you and STILL aren’t satisfied, just let us know in the first 30 days after purchase and we’ll refund you in full.

So why wait? Get this now and start using it right away!

  • I get INSTANT ACCESS to the plugin, which I can download, install, and activate in minutes!
  • I get VIDEO TRAINING on how to use each and every feature of the plugin so I can use it to my maximum benefit!
  • I get FULL SUPPORT so that if I get stuck or have any trouble with the plugin, all I have to do is reach out and get help!
  • I will have 30 DAYS to try the plugin and make sure it does EVERYTHING I’ve seen here and my satisfaction is guaranteed or my money back!

Just Choose Your License Below To
Get Push Button SEO Today!

Every license includes the FULL VERSION of the plugin with COMPLETE functionality. Nothing is locked out or limited. Simply pick the license that covers the number and type of sites you want to use the plugin on. Developer licenses allow you to use the plugin on client web sites or with sites you flip.

Your product will be delivered digitally by download in ZIP file format. WordPress handles ZIP files natively so if you are installing using WordPress you won’t need any special tools or software to prepare the download file. However, if you will be using FTP to install the plugin you will need a tool such as WinZIP or 7Zip to extract the download file.

When you purchase you will be given access details to allow you to enter the membership site that contains the download file and video training.

PushButton SEO will work on any server that is compatible with WordPress version 3.0 or above. PushButton cannot be installed on blogs hosted with WordPress.com, you require your own installation of WordPress on your own hosting account.

PushButton SEO can be configured to use any language, currently the plugin interface is available in English and German.

Customer support is provided via a dedicated help desk, there is also a support forum available for members and non-members.